ECO120403 The not-so-mighty dollar

NYT010804 I.M.F. Says U.S. Debts Threaten World Economy

NYT012604 Congressional Budget Office Projects $477 Billion Deficit

NYT020504 As Group of 7 Gathers, Europe Looks Like an Outsider

NYT020804 G-7 Statement Signals Worry About Dollar

ECO020904 Blaming everyone but themselves

NYT021104 Greenspan Says Economy Improving but Risks Remain

FT021304a   Beijing and US Treasury to hold talks on renminbi

FT021304b   Revaluation, float or a change to the peg?

NYT021404 U.S. Trade Deficit Reaches a Record $489.4 Billion

ECO021804 A renewed force in Asia

NYT027404 Economy Grew at 4.1% Rate in 4th Quarter

FT022704     China to ease upward pressure on renminbi

ECO02380a A phoney recovery

ECO02380b Soaking it up

FT022904     The dollar's delicate balancing act

NYT030204 Greenspan Says Weaker Dollar May Help Narrow Trade Gap

FT030304    Japan desire for dollars

ECO030404 Pot shots and warning shots

NYT030504 Nation's Debt Grew at Rapid Pace in 2003

FT030604    Markets sag on sluggish jobs growth

FT030904a  Not equal to the job it was meant to do

FT030904b  Pound pushes UK trade deficit to record high

NYT031204 Current Account Gap Narrows Unexpectedly

NYT031604a Greenspan Shifts View on Deficits

NYT031604b Deficit Study Disputes Role of Economy

NYT031604c As Expected, Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged at 1 Percent

ECO033`04  The unstoppable, surging yen