Economics 331: International Finance - Spring 2004



Professor Alberto Isgut,

PAC 222, Phone: 685-3958

Lectures: TTh 2:40-4:00, JUDD 113

Office Hours: Tu 4:10-5:00, Th 10:30-11:30, or by appointment

Course Assistant:
Stephen Lee - Sessions: T 9:30-10:30, PAC 125



Term paper due Thursday, April 29 at 14:40pm

Schedule for mini-conference



Balance of payments exercises

Suggestions for writing research essays


News Archive

Problem Sets:

No. Distributed Due at the beginning of class of Returned
1 Thursday, Jan. 29 Thursday, Feb. 5 Tuesday, Feb. 10
2 Thursday, Feb. 5 Thursday, Feb. 12 Tuesday, Feb. 17
3 Thursday, Feb. 12 Friday, Feb. 20 (2pm) Tuesday, Feb. 24
4 Thursday, Feb. 19 Friday, Feb. 27 (2pm) Tuesday, Mar. 2
5 Thursday, Mar. 25 Thursday, Apr. 1 Tuesday, Apr. 6
6 Thursday, Apr. 1 Thursday, Apr. 8 Tuesday, Apr. 13
7 Thursday, Apr. 8 Monday, Apr. 19 (11am) Tuesday, Apr. 20
8 Thursday, Apr. 15 Friday, Apr. 23 (3pm) Tuesday, Apr. 27



  A- Data
    Economist Intelligence Unit's Country Data

    IMF's International Financial Statistics

    Penn World Table version 6.0

    Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank statistics on external debt

    World Bank's Global Development Finance (2003)

    IMF's Gobal Financial Stability Report (09/03)

     A chronology of emerging markets and US important events
    Pierrre Agenor's datasets
    Institute for international finance

  B-Articles and Analysis

    Nouriel Roubini's page on Global Macroeconomic and Financial Policy

    Giancarlo Corsetti's page on Euro

    Sergio Schmukler's page on Contagion

    Balance of payments, by Herbert Stein

    Brian Doyle's page on New Open Economy Macro

  C- Other

    Electronic Reserves

    Professor Isgut's Home Page

    Economics Department Home Page